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hi all
wife decided to drive through lake as they do :rolleyes: bless them
upshot is the car a peugeot 307 rapier 2.0 hdi 51 reg had to be pulled out of time of incident the footwells were full & drivers side window stuck in fully open position & engine only clicked on trying ignition. Had car transported home over christmas peroid have removed & dried out interior ,charged battery ,checked oil for any signs of moisture but looks ok removed & checked air filter seems ok luckly believe no water entered engine so tried turning over & engines turns over ok but will not fire.Also have numerous problems on electrical side
windows will not operate
indicators don;t work
wipers don't work
no response from radio
but most other things seem ok.
i have tried to communicate with the ecu via the diagnostic socket but fail to get any response.
i believe i have problem with both the bsi unit which is causing the electrical issues & also the ecu hence engine problem
so it looks as though i will need to try & find replacements from breakers etc
i know the bsi unit store key codes but if i replace the bsi like for like & change key fob will this be ok or do the bsi need to come as a match pair with the ecu i am asking this in case i have to source the items separately
will the ecu need to come from an identicle model or is it possible to just match part numbers & then get hold of firmware for my model & reflash the ecu
the ecu is a siemens but have numerous numbers on it:

siemens SID 801 COMMON RAIL
5SW40020H-T SW9644895180

Which numbers do i need to match ?
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