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Hi guys im new here but i thought i would give some advice to those in need. About 6 months ago my mums car developed a fault where it would hesitate badly upon acceleration, but not all the time.
her symptoms were:
Studdering around 1700 rmp in neutral
Stalling when cold and put into reverse
Losing power from pull away with an unresponsive throttle
unsteady idle and a few other symptoms.

Working in a garage i have all the equipment available to me and still i struggled to fix it. faults codes led me mainly to the coil pack, but replacing it made no difference. i then borrowed a throttle body off a sales car before buying a new one, made no difference.

i was close to giving up but scrolling through the options on a snap-on diagnostics machine i found a throttle adaption set up option. i followed the instructions and within 10 mins the set up was finished and the car drove like new, and has been fine for the last 2-3 weeks.

So before spending £100's on replacing parts, give this a go and it could save you a lot of hastle.
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