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Hello, I currently have a Peugeot 307 Oxygo 2007 model and I am currently using a FM transmitter for playing music from my phone. This because the standard radio I have which is Blaupunkt RD4 N1 have no aux input. The FM transmitter happens to work pretty bad because there is a bunch of local radio stations having same frequencies as whatever I set the transmitter on.

I tried to do an option I read about somewhere on internet so I did some research and found this cable:
I purchased it and tried to replace it with the CD-changer with no luck of having it work. I also enabled the CD-changer (of course) in the menu.

So I have two questions.
A. Is there anything special I need to do or is it even possible to do it this way with the CD-changer?

B. Is there any Blaupunkt radio I can replace the standard radio with and keep the functions the standard one has to the car? I found one called BLAUPUNKT STOCKHOLM 230 DAB that even has DAB, bluetooth and AUX. I live in Norway and we are forced to go over to DAB by the end of the year, otherwise we wont have any radio as the government are shutting down the FM.
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