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I have a main beam problem similar to a previous post only with a bit more information and I am hoping somone can give me guidance on the next step to take
Late last year I was travelling down country lanes and had need of my main beam. This worked fine for a while then suddenly locked on and would not drop back to dipped beam. I tried switching all of the lights off an on again a couple of time and moved the stalk around a bit but with no luck
Eventually when I got to my destination, I turned all of the lights and ignition off but the main beams stayed on, albeit very a dull. I tried this a couple of times with the same effect and finally disconnected the battery. I left it for 30 mins then reconnected it to allow the ECU to reboot and all was fine – main beams off and the rest of the lights working fine.
Since then I have only used the dipped headlight until a couple of days ago when I was going home from work,used the indicator and I accidentally flashed the main beam and it stayed on again – luckily though it was daylight and not too much of a concern. Not very far from home the lights suddenly dropped back to normal.
I am not sure if anybody else has had this problem but my first thought was a faulty stalk however, after talking to the local mechanic he suggested an auto electrician check it out before looking to replace the stalk – which I am aware is quite expensive.
What I can’t really understand is why it would reset it self when the battery was disconnected and reconnected if it was a faulty stalk?
Would the diagnostic software an auto electrician uses point out if there was an earth fault, faulty relay etc, or even a faulty stalk?
Any information that points me in the right direction would be great
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