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Hi all, bit of a weird one:

I recently learned that when I press the lock button on the dash inside my car, all doors lock except the driver door, which can still be opened from the outside.

Locking and unlocking from the remote locks all doors OK, which is the main thing!

Curiously though, if I lock the doors using the key, then unlock with the remote, all doors unlock except the driver door, which must be unlocked with the key.

After unlocking the driver door with the key, getting in the car and then pressing the lock button on the dash, all doors lock including the driver door - this will only happen after unlocking with the key.

So, my question is, what the hell?

Bit of background: I thought a BSI reset might cure it so I disconnected the battery a while back as per the correct procedure, but this did not cure it. I do however think that this problem started when I started to get battery problems a little while ago.

Any thoughts?

Thank you
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