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Hi all looking for some advice 307 2.0 hdi Dturbo 2004
Car going into limp mode most days now

Faults coming up on planet :
Cat downstream temp
Particle filter overloaded
particle filter clogged
but heres whats confusing me......with the engine cold engine not running
exhaust temps read
upstream 100C
downstream 104C
when i start the car upstream temp gradually rises downstream stays at 104
If I then drive the car i get up some speed onto dual carriageway
when upstream temp gets to around 350C the downstream which stays at 104C immediately jumps to within a few degrees of the upstream
its at this point fap goes from being in intermediate zone (partially clogged)
to overloaded then to clogged this brings on mil light and into limp mode
and request for regen assist active
If I then stop car wait to cool down
fap filter is back in intermediate zone and all ok
so the question is is the downstream temp sensor the instigator of all these woes
Any help at all would be massiveyl apppreciated as its driving me nuts
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