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Anyone know if a crash could possibly have led to failure of an ignition switch in 307?

Got hit from behind a few weeks ago and shunted into the car in front of me. When I eventually got the car back from garage, I struggled to start it the first time after getting it home, but it did start eventually. It started ok once after that, then failed completely. Garage says it looks like ignition switch is gone but say it has nothing to do with the crash (ie I'll have to pay for it.)

Just wondering if anyone had any similar experiences or know whether the bang could have led to this, as I'm arguing with the insurance company. I spoke to a Peugeot garage over the phone and they said it couldn't be ruled out that the bang could have upset the electrics and that putting it on computer might give some indication of what happened. If garage put car on diagnostic computer the first day, should they still have the printout or would there be any point on pursuing that?

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