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Help please (new to site)
04 307 1.4 petrol envy (50k)
Owned car for the past 18months apart from new battery and back box never missed a beat.
But went to start this morning but nothing plenty of power in battery/starter motor but not a spark or splutter.
checked handbook thinking it could be immobiliser but no flashing light on dash.
After trying a couple of times I realised on turning ignition on there was not the customary noise (petrol pump I presume firing up) And other than that the only thing I did different yesterday after washing it instead of taking it around the block to dry out I just pulled her back onto drive.
Its due MOT/Service next month.
Could it be a simple fix or if petrol pump what approx prices should I brace myself for.
Any advice/remedies would be much appreciated
Tks SW
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