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Hi all I know this thread is getting a bit long in the tooth but after much putting off I decided to replace my heater resistor,got the thing out with much knuckle scraping (auto air con model) horseshoe type,only to find that the wiring of the two plugs looks like its been buggered about with,the power plug (I think) has got a thick black wire on one spade and a thick and a thin red on the other.
The other plug has got two thin reds on one spade one white on another spade then two separate thick blacks on two other spades.
The connecter plug seems to have six ways but only four are used i.e. two have nothing in but on the fan there are five spade terminals.
Could someone tell me or head me in the direction of a pic of the plug wiring colours please (I have searched but did not come up with much)
There is no melting on the plugs by the way and all fan speeds work but keeps turning off,have ordered a new resistor but before fitting it I was concerned about the wiring.
I have submitted this on the long running thread but was concerned it may not get a look being right at the end of the thread,apologies if its in the wrong place.

Cheers Jim
Edit car is a 307cc 2005 pre facelift


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