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hello everyone... first off a bit of a story so you guys get a better pic...

i have a 51 307hdi 2.0 90bhp, got it off my dad who has owned it little under ayear he now has a mitsi l200!
had a few issues when he bought it and to honest hadnt bothered with it much. it has 82k miles on the clock..

now to start with, the brakes were in a mess so all round new disks and pads, which has messed with the ABS, get the usual kickback and juttering along with the horrible noise until the ABS goes off and the abs fault comes up, its fine after that, read the thread on abs issues hopefully sort out this weekend as its due MOT in jan.

the horn wasnt working, sorted now thanks to one the threads here (thanks to whoever posted it!!)

1) the interior lights dont work properly the middle one and rear one, boot and glovebox work but not the ones on either side, also the mirror ones on the visor dont work,
2) the passenger side mirror doesnt move or heat...

ive checked most of the fuses and they all seem fine can anyone tell me a possible solution and im hoping to not hear comm 2000 please!! lol!

it was so much easir to find and sort out problems on my 205gti!!!

still nice little car and i got it for free, and reading up on here im glad its not got a lot of the other staff that goes wrong on this cars (DPF etc etc)

p.s. all standard except for head unit and this things didnt work before intalling headunit.
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