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badmaash said:
Hi everyone I am new to this site and currently have a peugeot 307 hdi on a 51 plate. I have come looking for help but also a friend recommened this as an excellent forum. The fuel gauge is not working and the car has no power in I drive it. I ask a local mechanic to look at it and they came up with p1199. There are two meaning to this fault code anti depriming strategy activated and fuel input circuit is low. Can anyone please help as I cant make heads or tails of it

Thanks for all your help and what a great forum
Hi and welcome to the forum :thumb:

I also read the fault code as-P1199 Fuel level Input circuit low.
Basically the engine isnt getting enough fuel when you try ro accelerate,possible reasons are-

~ Blocked fuel filter.
~ Fault with fuel pump or insufficent pressure
~ Cylinder compression low/uneven
~ Spark plugs worn or wrongly gapped.
~ Air leak at the carb,throttle body,inlet manifold or the linking hoses
~ Carburetor fault.
~ Fault withe fuel injection system.
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