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Back to having a peugeot in the family (i'm on alfa's now!!) for the misses with a 51 plate 307 HDI in quite good nick, couple of things i need to sort.
How much are rocker cover gaskets these days?
I've read all the threads on keys (need a second one) and their is no real definative answer, am i best going direct to the stealer and pay around £150 for a no hassle good key or do the ebay jobbies work fine when they are coded?
Do i have to use the stealer for the coding or can a good auto locksmith do it?
The engine cover is lose, i have the clips but the lugs below the clips secure to are missing, can these be replaced easily? can anyone take a picture of them so i know exactly what they look like?
Last one, the spare wheel recess has water in it, think the car was stood for a bit before i got it. Is this the seal around the boot or something else?
sorry for the long post and thanks in advance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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