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Hi am 3 months after a turbo replacement and am going to change oil. As part of that I thought i'd take the return pipe off the turbo and check how much oil is getting through.
I've seen a post that says 60 secs for a 1.6 HDi to produce 0.3 litre. Does anyone know if this is close enough for a 2.0HDi.
I have my concerns as ever since the turbo was replaced it sounds like a hair dryer. I worry that there is not enough oil flow which is restricting the turbo at high speeds (turbo rpm). I have to drive 250 miles at christmas and I know for a fact that is when she's going to give me grief.
Also does anyone know if there should be a jubilee clip on the air inlet hose that comes into the turbo. There's a seal there and mine seems to have overgrown so getting a new one on thursday. This could also be the cause of hairdryer syndrome.

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