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Hi im a total girl and a pen pusher by trade. Know naff all about cars as it would seem so do my local garage!!! 10 days ago my car died, by this I mean I was driving at, the speed limit ;-) on my local motor way and after 80 miles I lost all power. My pug made no noise, I had no smoke and no warning lights was just as if I had turned the ignition off.
AA attended and thought my intercooler needed flushed as top air pipe kept deflating but upon disconecting the airpipe from the bottom of the intercooler my local mechanic said it wasnt that. Its been in the garage for nearly 9 days now and since reconnecting the airpipe he cant find anything wrong with it! Its been plugging into his dianostic machine but, again, nothing. Dont want to risk taking my children out in it incase I break down again.
Any suggestions as to whats wrong with the car i've only had for two months??!!!?!!!
Please help!!
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