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Kerrieberry2 said:

Calling all owners/drivers of the Peugeot 307 hdi.

I have owned numerous peugeots hdi's but this car appears to be a complete heap of you know what!!

I have a very big problem with its performance, it has just had all its downloads that were required that were supposed to have improved its speed but I feel its got worse. When pulling out in 1st or 2nd gear the car is so sluggish, I'm surprised I've not had a massive accident in it yet (owned it for 4 weeks). I just pulled out of a side road in 1st gear and it seriously creeped out at snails pace for around 10 seconds before actually waking up and moving its arse!! Once the car gets going its lovely but its so dodge in these two gears.

Has anyone experienced the same thing or is it just me thats unlucky?

Hi Kerrieberry. Yea it happens to my 307 hdi (110) too. I avoid this happening when your car on stationary and about to move your car on 1st gear and let it rev to 3000rpm and then release your clutch. At this point keep your foot down on the gas pedal. You will find a dramatically performance.

This happens with many Diesel cars. You just have to Rev it up abit before you release the clutch.

Hope you find this useful.
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