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Hoping somebody can point me in the right direction and hopefully give me an answer to get my car back to normal.

The problems first started when my EGR valve decided to die on my way back to London from wales. Cut a long story short and a few quid later, the EGR valve was replaced (NEW) along with the sensor underneath(I think its the fuel pressure sensor) and a wiring loom which also got burnt out.

Ever since I have had no power/lack of power. The car puffs out lots of black smoke whenever I try and go no matter what gear I'm in. The car is also in limp mode and will not rev above 3000rpm however idles at 800(through over posts I have read this seems to be normal) The only other issue is that there is no faults or lights coming on the dash which would indicate problems.

Today I took it to another member so he could run his PP2K machine on the car and hopefully find a fault, however after running diagnostics and me taking up a lot of his morning, no codes or faults were detected. However he agrees with me the car is definitely in limp mode.

So if somebody could help please all support would be gratefully appreciated.
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