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Hi all!

So I just bought a 307 today from an auction place. A nice 2.0 Tiptronic '03 model. Btw, I'm Aaron, 31, from Melbourne, Australia.
Seems to be a nice little car and like the few tricks I saw in the sticky.

My list of problems so far:
- Water in driver's footwell (blocked a/c drain?)
- Electrical issues? with driver's window and mirror controls (dismantling showed some corrosion on board)
- Radio seems unable to stay locked into some stations while being ok on others~ (Triple J stays put, but Nova plays for about 5 seconds before going silent and showing 'searching')
- Steering feels a little heavy? or is this just Pug style power steering?

Now, the car came with registration for a while (huzzah) but no roadworthy. Are there any particular areas I should be concerned about?
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