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I have two peugeot 307s

Lets start with things I have fixed
307 D Turbo 2.0 HDI 110 Bhp 2002

"Antipollution Fault" - And "Unblock Diesel Filter"

Top up the tank under the car that carries a special fluid called Eolys Fluid - well expensive but if its needs doing - then do it.
The Fap Filter will be cleaned when required by this stuff - drive the car and eventually the faults will come and go less frequently - until gone. It took at leat 100 miles of fairly hard driving to get it hot and the system working. mines now clear with no issues.

Also check all the pipe clips on the Turbo Pipe work - follow it round from the intercooler - under the car at the back of the engine there is a short pipe that the clip was hanging off mine - causing low boost pressure and thus flagging up weired faults
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