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I have a 2002 307 sw 2.0 hdi 110.

So here are the issues I'm having:
Antipollution fault shows on display intermittent.
ESP/ASR faulty message pops up randomly and puts car into limp mode.

EML when anti pollution fault displayed.
When I connect my obd2 scanner to port I get no link, also tried various Bluetooth pluggins. My scanner read my 807 fine and reads all protocols.

Plugged up to planet:
Faults are:
Temporary communication error for ESR/ASP module.
Permanent communication error to DPF ECU.

Occasionally when car was warm it would fail to start, it would crank but not fire. After 5 to 20 mins of waiting car would fire up except today when after 2 hours of waiting and trying it wouldn't start.
Had RAC out who looked over the car and found that the in tank fuel pump wasn't pumping or making any noise. He connected a hand primer to check fuel lines an all is well with no blockages. He checked for a live signal to BCM and all was good there.
Could all these faults be related? Anyone else had these problems?
Any help is much appreciated before I start ripping carpets up and checking looms.

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