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Hi ...and welcome newbie here ...:)

...maybe some one will be have any ideas about my problems with my car - which is 307 estate, 1.6 hdi 110bhp, 86500m ... problems are ...

..1st antipollution fault... - i know that propably this is a sensor fault but this information and light on board dispaearing after few days ...and showing again few days later - i have this situation from around a month ... and im not sure what is it!?

..2nd breaking and abs fault with flashing STOP light... - i check this in my PUG handbook and it is "faulty electronic break force distribution" ... dunno what this also can be because for ex. when i switch off engine and start again i can drive all day without any faults (abs and breaking ones) and on next day i have this fault again but recently i have this fault straight away when i turn on ignition... im going on diagnostic later this week but maybe before i`ll go someone can give me any advice so i can prepare my thiny wallet :eek:

...and when this fault showing up abs and breaking with flashing STOP my speedmeter going dead... not showing speed !
So maybe this fault is bc of speed sensor ?!

Btw... car running very smooth and excluding christmas tree on my board in car everything is OK...

Thank You for any answers ...


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