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First post here, as my £70 309 has never given me a problem ;) GF's 307 was broken into yesterday they smashed the heated rear window. It was driven back about 40 miles without a window and covered up overnight.

The window's been replaced today but now the dashboard lights are flashing, rev counter doesn't work and petrol light is flashing.... the engine does run.

Any ideas? Window man suggested something got wet in the overnight rain and a fuse has subsequently blown?


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Sounds like a BSI fault.
A reset might cure it, which you do by disconnecting the battery, though be careful to do it in this specific order.

Open driver window, then remove key, exit car and close door.
Wait 5 minutes.
Disconnect battery positive.
Wait 2 minutes.
Reconnect battery.
Wait 5 minutes.
Lean in open window and switch lights on.
Then check that remote locking etc works and start up.
Hopefully all lights will work better.
If it is not this then something has got wet in the rear and needs to dry out.

The waiting periods are to ensure the BSI has time to reset properly.
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