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I have recently bought a 307 1.4hdi 2002 and apart from rust behind an ABS sensor and a leaky radiator blank has been pretty good.

I thought it was also prudent to buy the Diagbox cables and software reading through the forums here and which I have also used to activate the trip computer :)

Anyway I hooked up the diagbox and had it do a full scan of the car and the only problem it showed was an intermittent problem with the clutch switch.

I had a look at the pedal and found what looks like a damping unit which has fallen in half with one end dangling and the other on the floor. I put them back together again but I can't really see that it does much.

Is there anything else that should go with this damping unit? A spring maybe?

I cleared the fault and it didn't come back after a quick test drive but I intend to retro fit cruise control so I probably need to tackle the problem.

Has anyone else had the Intermittent fault and was able to fix it?
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