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Morning all. I have just bought a 307 cc and am sorting out a few issues with it.
One of them is the plastic panel which appears when the top is lowered. It's broken.
It'a not a major issue, but it would be nice to fix it if I can. I have the panel, but the six screws holding it in place have all broken off.
Not the screws themselves, but the things they screw into.
A picture speaks a thousand words, so here are two:

In the second one you can see the fittings, and there looks like glue on one of them so someone's had a go before (the one that looks ok, I just placed it there. It's as broken as the others.)

Is this a common thing? Is there an easy fix? Should I try to get one from a breaker? What is this piece called?

I'm tempted to simply drill right through it and have three screw heads visible on the outside, but if there's a neater fix then it would be preferable.

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