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Hi, I'm new to the forum but not new for car electrical.
I have a 307 from 2006. The facelift type, full CAN.
I bought a Siemens bluetooth module and microphone. The car is equipped with RD4 radio.
I ordered the new 18 pins plug and pins from Peugeot, that's easy. The module only has one plug with 18 pins.
I believe the module is the same for all PUGs and Cits afterwards, with some software version difference only.
I have and use the Lexia, Diagbox, and the Sedre system for diagrams.
I can't find any diagrams with 'only' the 18 pin plug on the BT module, all 307 wiring diagram shows 18 + 4. the 4 would be for USB socket.
Again, the module does not have it.

I found the 'only' 18 wires diagram for 407 and for C5, but they are all different.
Now, I'm confused... And I also don't think that the modules have different pin setup per car type...

Anybody has any experience?

Thanks in advance

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The Peugeot documentation for the Bluetooth module is basic and appears to only cover the later models. I had the Peugeot Dealer look at the information for my car and the information they provided from the system was completely wrong - Wrong Modules, Wrong information as to where the modules were located in the car. So do not trust any information if you have an earlier car !!!

I wrote a post covering the installation of the OEM Bluetooth Module for a 2007 207. You will find it in the Audio section of this group.

Most Peugeot cars already have the wiring for the module in the loom and all you need to add is the right Bluetooth Hands Free Module and a Microphone inside the interior light.

Just check the interior light to see if the 2 pin plug is present for the Microphone - If so then you are all set to go !! The cable/plug will most likely be tucked under the head lining.

The early Bluetooth modules do not have the USB port. The later ones, post 2010 have the USB port and I believe the RD4 Radio might also have been updated. I could not get the later module to work on my 2007 car !!??

Good luck
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