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Hi All,
Ok first of all i have been running this car for about 5 months. From the beggining i experienced extramly sluggish start off (1000-2000RPM) at times. and on the 3rd month i did a diagnostic check with peugeot planet and found out that a oxygen sensor is faulty. I replaced that ( one on top of the manafold, Searched for the 2nd one and could not find it) and on the 5th month it said Anti Pollution on the display. I again did a diagnostic and it said Throttle position sensor permanant fault. I got a unit off ebay and replaced. Drove for about 15 mins after replacing and again it shouted Anti Pollution. The sluggish nature at times has not changed. What seems to be the problem? Any help is greatly appriciated. Im going to do another diagnostic within the week. This is very frustrating.

It is a 2001 307 Hatchback 1.6 16V Petrol.

Also there is this blue plug which doesnt lead to anywhere.

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