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Hello fellow puggies, this is my first ever forum so please bare with me and forgive my silly mistakes and questions.. Hope to learn a lot from experienced Peugeot owners. I own a 307 imported originally from France by the previous owner and I am located in Colombia, South America. This is my first ever Peugeot and I love this car. It has not given me any major issues so far except for finding compatible parts easily...I always have to buy and import them from Europe or UK.
Right now, I am having trouble locating a loose grey 5 pin connector on my Peugeot 307 2002 petrol engine. 2.0 L. Engine code is EW10J4.
I have recently changed spark plugs, fuel injectors, timing and alternator belts, water pump and thermostat on my 3 year old car. There are a total of 3 electrical connectors which are loose that I can't find a place to plug them in. I will try to upload the pictures for a better idea. But 1 connector in particular is driving me crazy and that looks like the EGR valve plug I searched on google, I could be wrong. But don't see where to fit it. The car starts struggling but misfires and stalls badly. When I accelerate it shuts off. Also on Peugeot planet it reads but at some points no communication with ECU appears. This could be another Electrical wiring problem, but my car was perfectly fine in driving before the repairs mentioned above.:confused:
Any advise / help is greatly appreciated. :thumb:

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