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I need some help
I have a 2005 peugeot 307 xs that for a number of weeks have display a very low reading concerning engine temperature. The needle hardly move at all. When it was discovered I checked the coolat level and it was ok and no leaks was discovered. When i start the car both the temperature and fuel gauge sweeps from min to max. I take this as a sign that the temp gauge is "alive". First my suspision fell on the temp sensor which is know to be a weak point so I replaced with a new. I bled the system properly after the replacement of the sensor but no change. I've then run a number of tests. I took the car for a spin for 20 minutes still the temp gauge have hardly moved from min. I could see that the needle had lifted a couple of milimeters but not much more. I then gear down to run on a lower gear in the same speed to generate more heat to see if it would move the needle furher up. The needle climbed to the first mark but not further. I stopped the car and let it idle. I feelt the radiator hoses and they were hot. I could also hear and see the radiator fan spinn from time to time. My conclusion of this is that the termostat seems ok as well as the coolant system in general.
My suspision now is the temperature gauge or the signal from the ECU (if the gauge is feed from the ECU?)

I there anyone with experience of a similar problem?
What's your conclusions of what you have read?

Im from sweden so excuse my english.
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