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I bought the car last april and it seemed to run and start well during the summer.Beginning of september the car started to run rough from cold but was ok once up to normal temperature.As september moved towards october the rough running from cold got worse but ok once up to normal temperature.Finally one morning the rough running really bad and the engine light lit,the beeping started and the messages 'catalytic convertor fault' and 'anti pollution fault' came on.Took it to the dealer for diagnostic and they told me that the only fault code the car had was for 'hydraulic lifters worn' and that to fix it would cost between 8 hudred to 9 hundred pounds.I have not had that done as i can see no connection between the fault symptoms i have and there diagnostic answer.
The same faults have continued throughout the winter and the car has become increasingly difficult to start from cold and as it warms up there are clouds of grey smoke(and i mean clouds)from the exhaust and it stinks of petrol,but once up to normal temperature runs fine.
It has been back to the dealer to have the engine fault light reset a number of times and i asked him again today what was the fault code.He told me the code was MM4 something and that it signified a persistent misfire. At last a straight answer to the fault code,but still no answer as to how to cure the fault.Anybody got any ideas before I start to change sensors?
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