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Hi guys,

I want to put a bov on my 2003 2.0hdi 307 diesel purely to make the sound, I don't really care about increased performance.

I'm not really mechanically minded and normally ride a bike and was wondering the process it would involve or any issues it could cause, my username says it all and not looking criticism on the subject, just been looking through the net and couldn't find a definitive answer as most ppl are looking for increased performance etc, my car is litterally a "get to work on a rainy day" and has been pretty reliable as I don't normally take it over 2 - 2.5k rpm, compared to the bikes the car is dull and boring to drive as I don't have an aftermarket stereo or anything, and thought it would be nice / funny / different to have the sound of a bov everytime I change gear.

Any advice would be appreciated, cheers in advance 馃檪

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Forget the sound of a bov, tune to Radio 4 for your ride to work. All the thrills any sane person could want....:p
And the factory stereo can handle it....:p:p
How long is your ride to work?, seems a lot of trouble for not much to show for it.


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You will be lucky if it works.

They are normally only fitted to petrol cars because of the boost spike when throttle is closed (and for a boy racer noise) as there is no throttle on a HDI there is almost no spike in boost when you release the throttle pedal to trigger blow off valve
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