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Hi All, I was recomended this website from a friend of mine who does diagnostics around the portsmouth area, Well anyway. A little bit of infomation I have a 307 2.0 HDI 80 brake the RHY engine i believe he said. Well the story goes that i managed the blow the gearbox up. I brought one of them stupid tuning boxes the car went like crazy but also managed the damage the gearbox and well there were cogs all over the road. I located a new gearbox and it has been fitted but now the car will not start. All the earth connections to the gearbox have been checked As the guy who did the diaganostics said he is sure its a earth problem cause of what the error codes are that are coming up..

this is what he has given me on paper to the faults

Fault code Permanent fault Flowmeter signal . Short circuit to positive 2FB Fault code Permanent fault exhaust gas recycling circuit . Open circuit 2HA Fault code Permanent fault Pre-post heating relay circuit . Short circuit to positive 2LB Fault code
Permanent fault 3rd piston deactivation . Short circuit to earth or open circuit 4EG Fault code
Permanent fault exhaust gas recycling throttle electrovalve . Throttle electrovalve circuit in short circuit to earth or open circuit 4GG Fault code
Temporary fault battery voltage . Battery voltage too low Temporary

And techincal Specs are

Engine speed 0rpm
Camshaft-crankshaft synchronisation No
Fuel pressure measured 0bar
Difference between measured fuel pressure and reference fuel pressure-304bar
Fuel pressure regulator open cycle ratio 5%
Injected flow reference 38mm3/stroke
Injector 1 flow correction 0.04mm3/stroke
Injector 2 flow correction 0.04mm3/stroke
Injector 3 flow correction 0.04mm3/stroke
Injector 4 flow correction0 .04mm3/stroke
Voltage of injectors 1 and 469.9Volt(s)
Voltage of injectors 2 and 3505.9mg/cp
Injector voltage 5%
Measured air flow5%
Fuel pressure regulator current 58.8mA
Pre-injection advance 0°
Main injection advance0°
3rd piston deactivation (If present)Yes
Turbo pressure measured 988Mb
Turbo pressure setting15.8°C
Turbo pressure electro valve open cycle ratio 16°C
Atmospheric pressure 16°C
Coolant temperature 38mm3/stroke
Air temperature505.9mg/cp
Fuel temperature5%
Injected flow reference5%
Status of the ECU ECU not locked
Engine immobiliser programming status Matched
ECU Problems detected during transmission of unlocking code No problem detected

I really really hope you understand all that lot...

What i am after is any ideas on where to look or even start to. The diagnostcs guy charged me £10 for that infomation which i dont think is to bad and he did spend a hr here cleanng up the earths and looking at the wiring but he could not find anything...

or even what you think it could be. he could not undersand why there is no fuel pressure..

Parts he changed where

Fuel pressure sensor
Cam Sensor
Crank Sensor

Views or thoughts on this please. cause i really am at a loss on what to do the car runs out of mot in 2 weeks time. So sadly if i cant get it running by then its scrap yard here it comes and really dont wanna do that to be honest.. or maybe ebay but i love the car and would love it running again..

So ideas please ????

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Camshaft-crankshaft synchronisation No


This! hopefully just the sensor and not cambelt damage!

Low battery voltage wouldnt help either

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the techy guy who came over changed both of them..

I sure i put that on the bottom of the write up that i did but anyway they have both been done..

He is starting to think its a ECU fault and might be stuffed.. which he said technicaly makes it scrap..
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