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307 2.0 hdi rapier 90

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hi guys

I pick up a 52 plate 307 2.0 hdi rapier 90 on tuesday and was just wondering whether I've made a mistake after all the negative posts on various boards.its got a full peugeot service history and has done almost 64000 miles and has had one owner from new.

I've only payed a small deposit so should I reconsider?I've just got rid of a 51 plate 1.6 astra after paying £617 for a new egr valve and head gasket,only for 2 weeks later it started burning oil and being told that it needed a new engine!!

Cant afford to waste any more money on a car.
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fap filter

tell the seller to guarentee you the fap filter for a year or you might get a nasty surprise after a few days.
fap filter

Fap filter is the antiparticulate filter, these are on all the modern Peugeot dieses and are normally due to be replaced after 70,000 miles depending the type of use the car has been used for previously (just like a cam belt but more expensive).

It will cost between £440 & £700 to replace depending on the dealer that does it. Basically this is one of those jobs that only Peugeot can do properly and even if you could get it done somewhere cheaper you would still have to go back to Peugeot & have the computer reset to stop the anti-pollution warning light coming up on your dash and putting your car into limp mode.

If you look around you will find an awful lot of diesel Peugeots with over 50,000 miles on them being sold, probably because it costs so much money to replace the part.

Basically what some people & dealers do is flog the car as you can drive it around for a while without the warning light coming on. So you take it for a test drive & you wont find a fault with the car, a week later and the warning light comes on.

Ask the dealer about the filter, he'll probably say he's never heard of it (dont believe him) then say if it does go will he pay to have it replaced. Dont be fooled by any after sale warranty as it will not cover it as any company who underwrites their warranty will say it's fair wear and tear.

Search this forum for Fap Filter and you will get a good idea of what it is. If it does go you have to replace it as ignoring it can damage your cat.
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It is possible to reset the FAP filter yourself!

Trade secret - If i tell, I will have to kill - lol
fubar3803 said:
It is possible to reset the FAP filter yourself!

Trade secret - If i tell, I will have to kill - lol

I can confirm the fap filter is only fitted to the 110 BHP models as i own a 307 2.0 HDi Rapier 90.

Regarding the reset the FAP filter yourself, yes you can if you have access to a Launch system that has the relevant update ;)
Dont buy it , currently going through the `antipollution` problem as we speak!!!!!!!!! trust me not a good feeling:mad:
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