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Apologies if this has already been answered but I've had a browse through and couldn't find it.....

A while back I had fuel bubbling from the the high pressure side of injector 3 (assuming stood facing the bonnet it goes 4,3,2,1?) and had the connections and the pipework checked and refitted which solved that problem. However now I'm having issues with the low pressure leak off hose.

Initially the plastic hose that connects the leak off pipes to the injector blew out spraying diesel over the inside of the engine. The plastic hose and the rubber tubing was replaced with standard parts but afterwords the tubing rather than the plastic hose became disconnected with the same result. Which suggests to me that there is an excessive build up of pressure.

I vaguely understand how it works but I was wondering what the possible causes could be? And if there are any checks that someone could suggest? Even if I'd have to take it to a garage to do them.

There are no diagnostic errors and as I've all ready spent a lot of money repairing this car I don't want to start replacing an injector until I'm sure its the root cause.

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