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Hi guys,

I am new to the peugeot world, recently i bought a 2007 307 hdi which we knew had an issue.

So on my way home the car feels like it is jolting/missing/hiccuping and came up with antipolution system faulty.

I checked the code with my OBDII reader and it came up with the differential pressure sensor code.

The car seems to be sort of fine after i reset the code but then gradually gets worse until it goes into a really bad failsafe/limp mode.

I thought okay ill replace the sensor then we will see how we go. But after replacing the sensor it is still doing it.

Ive had the car about 3 weeks and its just getting worse.

The previous owner replace the cat but not sure about the dpf.

Im not sure where to go with this, whether its a mapping problem or the dpf could be clogged.

Could anyone please give me a hand?
Would be much appreciated :)

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