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Hello everyone!

I have got the "Risk of particle filter blocking" on my car. From what I gather reading the forums and after running a diagnostic scan on the car, it has failed to regenerate automatically (I almost exclusively use the car for motorway driving with the odd trip to the shops).

From what I understand, I need to clear the particulate filter error first but others have said that there can be additional faults that if not repaired will prevent the car from regenerating automatically.

Here is a list of some of the faults I got when using when running the diagnostics:

P0483 - Cooling function integrated into the ECU fan unit

P2408 - Additive system - Fuel tank cap sensor signal fault (heard this is a must to fix as it can prevent the automatic regeneration)

P0422 - Regeneration not completed - regeneration requested too frequently

P0490 + P1162 Electric EGR valve position copy signal - Insufficient opening of valve

I appreciate there are quite a few diagnostic codes above, all I want to do is get the bare minimum required to get the car to automatically regenerate.

Is there a specific way, once fixed, to get the cars to auto regenerate? I've heard keeping the car at 2000 RPM at +40 MPH for 20-30 minutes does the trick.

Greatly appreciate your time and help!

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Fix your fuel cap sensor this is probably the main issue the egr valve may be clogged but if the cap sensor is working it should regen.

No need to rev the car if you are doing motorway miles at sensible speeds it should regen fine
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