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Im hoping someone on here can help, i have a 2005 307 1.6 hdi. All my problems began one day when i filled up with fuel and drove off from the petrol station; an error risk of filter blocking appeared. After a quick diagnostic on a snap on i had two error codes;
P1351- preheating relay circuit relay supplied and plugs never supplied
P2408 - additive system fuel tank cap presence sensor

I replaced fuel cap sensor, glow plugs and preheating relay. This cleared any error codes but the 'risk of filter blocking' was still showing on the dash.

So, i filled up the PAT fluid tank and took it in to a chap with Peugeot Planet; no errors found and he reset all the counters etc. some results listed show;
DPF is only 18% under load
3000Ml of additive remains
exhaust differential pressure of 8 mBar
total quantity of additive injected in to the PEF- 58.950 grammes

However the error is still on the multi screen display and the only thing the technician has said is that the ECU is not recognised, which indicates the Multi function display or ECU could be faulty.

Can someone please share thoughts and possible direction for next steps as i have been told that a dpf deletion may not even clear the error on the dash.

Many thanks in advance
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