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Hi, im after a few pointers if possible because its starting to boggle my brains!

Has anyone out there who have had a de-cat/dpf, Egr and backbox on the exhaust removed with a re-map encountered any boost problems, i.e when you hit 1800-2000 rpm, it feels like the wastegate is dumping all boost pressure like the turbo solenoid has a saftey cut off?

Wastegate is working fine when not flooring, and have wastegate flutter. It did seem to be fine before i took the backbox off so is it dropping the boost because theres too much pressure now?

If so how do you get around it? Bypass the solenoid valve so the wastegate is always open or tune down the turbo?

How much are these ment to run at (psi)?

Anyone encountered this problem who could shed some light?

Is it simply refit the standard backbox or a sticky turbo solenoid?

Many thanks!
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