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Hoping people have encountered this and can shed some light!

I own a 307, and de-cated/dpf, egr and took the backbox off for a straight through pipe and had it re-mapped.

Now ive encountered a boost problem.

When i hit peak boost around 1800-2000 rpm when flooring it feels like the boost is being released by a safety cut off or wastegate sticking open.

If so how are people getting around this.

It seemed to drive fine before i took the backbox off, so if by removing it has it caused the turbo to spin too fast and the solenoid is cutting it off?

If you half pedal you can feel the turbo and hear wastegate flutter. And have watched the wastegate move when revving so seems ok and moving.

Possible causes i can think of,

-Turbo needs tuning down, if so how much should they run at?
-Sticky solenoid and at peak its sticking up jamming the wastegate open
-Or a way to get around it is bypass the solenoid so the wastegate stays closed but i like my turbo and dont want to blow it up!

Please help before i get the vac tester out and go around in circles!

Many Thanks!

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The 110 1.6 HDI comes fitted with a VNT turbo, not a waste gate.
By removing the back box and other sections of the exhaust you are altering the pressure ratio across the turbine.

This means the turbo will over speed, and then when this is detected the PID controller in the ECU will overcompensate and cut it off. VNT turbo's are very sensitive thanks to their variable vanes, these will use a pre-set position under full load with small corrections made through the PID controller. When you make changes to the exhaust system, these pre-control values are way off and hence you get these problems.

It's something I've spent a long time setting up on my 1.6 110 project car. Now it doesn't overshoot and also doesn't cut off, took a lot of work to get it right.

My advice would be to put the back box back on, or get the remap set up to suit.
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