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I thought I would share my experiences with you regarding tuning my PUG 307.

I have had my 307 1.6 HDI 110bhp FAP (facelift version) for 18 months now and I was looking for the quickest way to tune the engine without upgrading the exhaust etc..

I recently purchased a Tuning Box from DTUK (

The response and acceleration Is just like driving a new Car.I have no knowledge what so ever when it comes to tuning cars. It took 5 minutes to install and I was ready to go.

I took the car for a 80 mile run (mainly on Dual cartridge way) sitting on about 70mph. To my amazement the Car Trip Computer reported 58.5mpg. I was previously getting about 50mpg(ish) on the very same journey.

The website says that the tuning box gives the car +20bhp making the car nearer 130bhp and increasing the torque from 245 Nm to 290 Nm. The Actual Power BHP increase I can not confirm but the car is no longer slugish when pressing the accelerator.

I have read lots of reports regarding these tuning boxes but I did not think they would be this good.

anyone who who is thinking of tuning your PUG 307 Deisel I would start with one of these. You will not regret it.

I think next on my list will be a K&N replacement Panel Filter to let the engine breath easier.
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