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I have 307 1.6 4 speed Tiptronic auto - change to speed is late !

i have a problem whaen i move with car after a 45 min trip

The gear normally change the speed automatically when it the RPM reaches 2000 or 3000

but after sometime , a SUDDEN strange behaviour happen ,,,it changes the speed when it reach 4500 or 5000 !!! ,,, this behaviour disappear when i stop the car and turn of the enine for 10 or 15 min !! then it acts normal may be for another 40 or 50 min trip

anyone please have any idea ?

Note: I have just bought the card "used" and i have changed the GearBox oil after i bought it.


How can you change the gearbox oil? Withoout the correct tool you only get a little over half the old stuff out as the torque converter retains it.

Get it towed to a dealer to have it properly flushed and refilled with the correct fluid top the correct level. Slush boxes is one of the things best left well alone.
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