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I have a small issue with a power steering unit. Originally, the PS unit sprang a leak and saturated the circuit board. The fact that this is, possibly, the most ridiculous design ever, will await another post.

Initially, the problem could be fixed, all be it, temporarily, by switching off the ignition and restarting. This cleared the compounding error but, as stated, this was temporary.

The PS pump was replaced but the issue was not cleared. Rebooting the system doesn't work. Now the PS will work fine for a few days, a few hours or, just a few minutes and then, will become either partially operational or nothing. It will start working again when it feels like it. It doesn't feel like a cpu issue since it is totally erratic. It feels far more like an electrical issue.

A check of the fuse box showed a considerable amount of PS fluid accumulating in the bottom but none in the top. It looks like capillarity along the wiring loom. Replace the wiring from the fuse box to the PS pump, no fix.

No errors are showing on the computer so I doubt that it is a cpu problem.

Suggestions are that the pump is faulty which, I doubt since it will work. I am loathe to put another PS pump in the thing since it will cost me the best part of $2500 on top of what the previous cost was.

The electrical issue still seems the logical path since during very hot, dry weather there are no problems. When it is either wet or humid, the system does not work. The best indicator is that when the PS pump was set up by Peugeot the system could not find ESP. Not surprising since this is not an ESP vehicle (thank God). The only smarts on the circuit board is an EPROM so it relies on other information.

The 9 pin plug may not have been cleaned when the work was performed? Perhaps there is an issue with the 12V feed to the PC board? or something else.

I have read that others have had issues with electricals and so, any assistance would be gratefully accepted.:confused:
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