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Ever since I bought this car 5 years ago its always had an oil leak

Turbo inlet rubber trunking from mass air flow and engine rocker box breather

Think I am on pipe number 4 now and the problem is oil seeping out of the join connection on the radius bend from the engine breather

Original failed as it was poorly fitted and never clamped correctly
replacement failed as the inner sleeve parted and poor quallty
its replacement was even poorer quality as the breather hose went massive and baggy and never sealed so I had to wind some electrical tape on the breather to make the shaft larger
So this replacement has been okay but the joint has got a heavy passing of oil as most of them do and a smear of gasket sealer helps when it does it for another fix

Wife complaining about the drips on the drive again and the joint is leaking again so trying another tactic and used chemical steel to fix it

Oil level is correct and ... just changed the oil and filter today whilst the pipe was off and did a quick start and run with hose off as chemical metal takes ages to go off so ... hence another discovery

Its quite a heavy breather ... anybody else notice this ?
Years ago you would never know as they went to atmosphere or you would see oil in an air filter casing

With this modern stuff euro 3 ? and sucking its own waste to burn it looks too heavy to me ... but comparing it with my aged transit van with 200K I could say its not far away

Mechanical Egr valve fitted and working ok
So I don't know if this is normal or not ?

I know my wifes 1.6 HDI C3 has oil residue in her turbo but her manifold has better sealing with o rings similar type engine but known problem
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