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Hi Guys

Im new to the forum and need your advice. I only purchased my car recently and all seemed well. I drove it on a trip to oxford from london with no issues. On the way back i noticed I was losing power and the car struggled to do 70mph. I took it to my friends mechanic and he ran a diagnostics with no joy. No error codes at all. He unplugged the Mass Airflow meter and asked me to drive round the block to see if I noticed any difference. It was like driving a new car, so with that in mind he replaced it. It seemed to fix the issue. But now its back again. But it seems to come & go. But as soon as I unplug the MAF it runs fine again. For a quick fix would I harm the car in anyway but leaving the MAF unplugged while I try and find the real cause? Will it harm the engine or turbo leaving the sensor unplugged?

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Many Thanks

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