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New here so go easy on me , just bought a 307 2004 1.4 hdi s . Good little car . Only issue is that it runs very cool, just over 70 degrees c . I assumed a faulty thermostat so bought a new one and fitted it. Still runs at the same temp. My berlingo van which is new last year runs around 85 drgrees.

took it for a a four mile run and it wasnt even up to temperature, the top hose to the radiator was stone cold. Would expect it to be a bit warmer. On a longer run it is slightly warmer but not much.

Is this normal for the 1.4 hdi. are they meant to run at such a low temperature. I dont want it to sap my MPG which so far hasnt been that great.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks :thumb:
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