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Afternoon All,
Looking for some advice. We've had a this 307 for about 5 years and it hasn't missed a beat. The wife dropped her dad off somewhere came back home again all fine went back out to the car 15 mins later and it wouldn't start, although all lights were fine. Flattened the battery trying so removed the battery charged it and tried again still not a thing, though spinning over fast enough.
Had someone take it away to have a look at it, its been on a machine and the fault code pointed to the emu. Eventually got a number matching unit and put it on, the car starts sounds fine but all the lights are on on the dash and the windows etc won't work, tried another unit and got the same thing again.
I've been quoted £260.00 to repair my original emu but now I'm a little concerned that I pay the money and get the same thing for the third time..

All thoughts are welcome.
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