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Hi all,

Probably repeating something that has been answered a number of times before but haven't found the answer by searching.

I have a 307 1.4 8v, and I have been having problems with it cutting out when I step on the clutch.

I have narrowed this down and it only seems to happen when I have been cruising along without my foot on the throttle and then step on the clutch. When I do this the revs drop to zero.

The car always restarts (indeed if I am moving fast enough then letting off the clutch will restart the engine again) and this only happens a few times near the start of a journey and then goes away again.

Problem seemed to appear after I replaced the coil pack and plugs. Incidentally I thought it might have been dirty fuel injectors so I bought some redline injector cleaner and the problem went away for a while, now a tank or so of fuel later it has returned.

Anyone got any thoughts which might save me paying for diagnostics? (I know diagnostics are the best bet but I don't want to spend a fortune at the moment if I don't need to!)

Thanks for reading folks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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