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Hi this is my first post so hope some one has more knowledge than all my local garages this is my problem!!!!
When the car is ticking over its as if some one is sat in the drivers seat pressing the accelerater this is intermittent the engine sounds very rough ( shuddering, revving, just very erratic)
The antipollution warning is on also the engine management..
Garages have told me its the throttle body that's the code it's giving when plugged in its been cleaned twice now it works for a couple of weeks but then problem starts again...
Went to a different garage yesterday he plugged it in the codes were cam shaft sensor and something to do with the accelerator pedal???

It's driving us mad now I don't dont trust any of the garages I've been to and can't really afford the dreaded peugeot dealer..

Has some one else come across this problem if could you help me

Thank you in advance
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