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306 xsi ph1 RCL problems

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Hi all, hoping that maybe someone on this forum can help me as no one else seems able to do so? Recently my RCL started playing up - i could dead lock it (i have the fat two button with led fob) fine with no problem, but when i would come back to the car anytime later, it would not see me unlock it? therefore i use the key and alarm goes off. Now it has packed up altogether and the remote doesnt work at all. Obvious answer is its the key fob - which is the expensive option if its not. I am hoping that someone else has had this problem. My ariel leaked and so my courtesy light would fill up with water but i have sealed this and cleaned all the electrical bits up fine. Is it worth me getting another key fob?? General advice is always appreciated. Cheers:thumb:
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i am having simaliar probs with programing my key fob but if it is any help and u do need a new key fob u can get a new key fob on ebay for a fraction of the price and i will email u with the details of how 2 program it................................................hope i have helped.
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