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"hi" I'm new to the forum, Ive got a p reg 306 xsi 2.0 8v which recently had the engine changed. the replacement engine was from a Citroen, but i was assured by the garage that supplied the engine that it would be fine.
Ive had the engine in the car for a month or so now, but it seems to be using considerably more fuel than the previous engine (also a 2.0 8v)

i have spoke to a mechanic who says that the reason the new engine is using more fuel, is because the ecu is different in the Peugeot.
and as it is a Citroen engine, this is causing the high fuel consumption due to having the wrong ecu fitted.
is this true or is he pulling my leg and trying to make some money?
the engine seems to work fine, apart from the high fuel consumption.
any help would be appreciated
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