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Hi there, my 306 has had a stiff aecelerator pedal for some time now, the mechanic commented on it at the last m.o.t. It's always needed more effort than other cars to push down on but I got used to it and really there was no problem.

Over the last 2 weeks though I've found that even with my foot on the floor I'm really struggling to get sufficient power out of it. To start with I just had to push harder and harder down but now even with all my effort it fails to really give the car any real oomph!

Knocking around town it's fine but I use the motorway everyday and on the slip roads I am barely reaching 50 so joining moving traffic is getting increasingly more dangerous and annoying for other road users. It takes me ages to build up to 70 and then I have to keep a lot of pressure on the pedal to maintain that speed, if I hit a slight hill I'm down to 60 in a heatbeat. I'm not a speeder by nature - but currently I've no chance of even trying - 70 is top speed even after 25 mins on the m-way.

This problem is noticable in lower gears but it most problematic in 4th and 5th gear.

Any ideas what this may be? Is it even the pedal or is that just another story?

Car info:
PEUGEOT 306 1.8I (99-01) 5DR
X754 MOA

Thanks for any input in advance - I guess what I'm looking for is an explaination - but also how much this is going to cost. My uncle used to be a mechanic and knows his sutff and can fix things if I ask, however I don't like to bother him if I can help it as he does not have much time off as it is and he does not have any use of overhead lifts etc. Is this something that can be fixed on a driveway or is it a proper garage job to get down to that level.

Thanks again.
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