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i have a 1997 306 1.9td. its fitted with the lucas pump and the kkk turbo.

i have fitted a boost gauge to the car, when fitted it read 0.8 bar of boost - standard cars should run 1 bar. so after increasing the fueling it rose to 0.9 bar, i increased the fuel more but it held at this pressure.

i got under the car and opened up the wastegate by 1 turn, which should have increased the boost pressure, however the boost gauge still reads 0.9 bar. i dont know what the problem is.

i have increased both the max fuel and fuel under boost.

Get an accurate guage on it - a dash mounted one won't be acurate enough for setting up.

Unless you know what you're doing, you can make a right pigs ear. As well as the boost (wastegate), you've got on AND off boost fuelling adjustments that need to be done incrementally. It can be done by trial and error, but takes some knowledge and experience.

Have a read of this It's pretty self explanatory, but if you've any grief getting your head round it then take it to a pro tuner, such as Derv Doctor, or you'll turn it into an undrieavble mess.

Good luck.
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